July 21, 2017

TANDA ME: Hair Removal System for the Home
November 21, 2011

There is a phenomenon that goes on when Fall comes along, women stop shaving. It's put on the back burner as it isn't required as regularly as in the summer for it is covered up with turtlenecks down to tights. From the underarms down to the the legs, the cumbersome act of shaving is put on hold until date night or bare leg season returns. What's the alternative? At-home waxing (messy and can be painful), wax appointments (costly), laser treatments (costly). Tanda, the at-home led specialists, have launched the alternative to shaving, waxing, laser treatments called the Tanda me.

Tanda me, by Syneron, combines immediate hair removal with an epilator or shaver accessory and permanent hair removal with their patented elos technology. elos combines IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and RFP (Radio Frequency Energy) for safe, speedy and effective hair free skin. And it works on all hair colours where as other treatment only work on darker hair colour on a lighter skin tone base.
Prior to the at-home treatment, elos technology was only available to professional spas and dermatologist with approximately 3 million hair removal treatments (treatments not people) performed annually. The Tanda me at-home hair removal system is based on the elos technology and is clinically proven to work - we know as it went through the Beauty Connexion test "kitchen". Results are quite immediate, hair becomes softer after just a few uses.

The Tanda me can be used on the legs, underarms, face, forearms, or any place you have unwanted hair and can be used by men and women. And the one unique difference with the me is that it can be used by blondes where other technologies cannot as they do not "see" the lighter hair. You can find a treatment calculator at memyelos.com.

And now is the best time to start an at-home hair free regimen as by the time you are finished you will be bikini ready for that vacation getaway.

For a price of $395, it is much less expensive than hair removal services that you would receive at the aesthetician's.

Available at: SDM and only in Canada!

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