July 21, 2017

Acne; Pimple; Zit; Breakouts in Your Adult Years; Help is On the Way

Released: September 12, 2011

You thought the days of waking up discovering a zit were done and over. The embarrassment of walking around all day and coming home to the biggest white head on the face of the planet. It seems like overnight, your skin has reverted to your awkward teenage years with acne to match. The only difference, now in your adult years, is that you can't treat your skin with products made for a 13 year old.

45% of woman over the age of 35 are concerned with acne (according to an Ipsos Reid study). It is the most common skin concern seen by doctors. Dr. Kucy Pon, dermatologist and Olay consultant, "Acne is no longer an acute issue [zap a zit], it should be looked at as a chronic issue where the entire face is treated." And if you do wake up to a pimple that has suddenly appeared Paulina Elor, makeup artist, shares with you how to cover up that blemish. "I tell my clients that you can cover up the red of the pimple but you can't remove the texture." see how here.

3 New Acne Treatments that Have Just Hit the Shelves:

Let There be Light
Blue light therapy has long been used at the dermatologists' and aestheticians' offices. The theory behind blue light is that it is believed to destroy Propionibacterium acne ~ the bacteria that causes acne inflammation. Tanda Clear is an at home acne clearing solution that contains blue light, heat and sonic vibration to reduce inflammation and the zit itself. Blemishes start clearing in 24 hours and the overall intensity of the blemish is reduce. The Tanda Clear is for the entire face while Tanda Zap is for targeting isolated zits.

Who is it for: everyone with mild to moderate acne

Starting at $195 Tanda Clear and $49 Tanda Zap at The Bay, Sephora, The Shopping Channel, Shoppers Drug Mart
Free & Simple
Created by renowned dermatologist and medical director of Bay Dermatology Centre, Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, this formulation not only fights acne but includes anti-aging ingredients to fight fine lines and wrinkles. The line is simple, in that it includes only the ingredients that are required to fight acne and does not include ingredients that are not needed ~ free of parabens, fomaldehyde, dye and fragrance. The Soap-free Mild-foaming Cleanser contains beads that help remove dead skin cells and dirt that sometimes get caught in pores [creating acne]. Treatment cream contains benzoyl peroxide that is an antiseptic, an oxidizing agent, and an anti-inflammatory. It also contains vitamin C for anti-aging and anti-oxidant benefits.

Who is it for: benzoyl peroxide is good for normal and oil skin types

3-pack starting at $99 at formulab.ca or ebeauty.ca

Clarify, Treat, Renew
The Olay Professional ProX Clear Acne Protocol is a 3-step protocol with Pore Clarifying treatment, Skin Clearing treatment, and Complexion Renewing lotion. The main ingredient in the ProX formulation is salicylic acid, at 1.5%, to exfoliate the skin and help in removal of bacteria that can cause blemishes. Olay ProX Clear also contains ginger root extract (zingiber officinale to reduce the look of dark spots left behind after the blemish disappears). The line also includes Intensive Refining Sulfur Acne treatment for spot treatment and SPF 15 Moisturizer.

Who is it for: salicylic acid is gentle enough for those with sensitive skin

Starting at $34.99 at mass retailers