July 21, 2017

13 Steps to Spotting a Fake Designer Handbag

Released: August 22, 2011

You've seen them draped over the shoulders of women and girls from every walk of life. Usually, there are telltale signs of fakes, bad stitching, straps are not leather and so on. While there are many women that are happy to purchase a real designer handbag, new or gently used from someone they believe purchased the real deal and needs to get rid of it, these women are not thinking they are purchasing a counterfeit.

It is exactly for that reason, ensuring one shopper at a time does not end up buying a fake bag or getting scammed, Cassandra Connors created Bella Bag in 2005. Cassandra holds all inventory at her warehouse and each bag goes through a 13-step checklist for authentication. "If it doesn't checkout?then it's out" Cassandra.

Bella Bag lists new bags nearly every day from over 30 countries internationally. With the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and much more, Bella Bag is sure to set the standard for high end resale stores.

The Bella Bag 13 Step Authentication Process

Exterior Logo Stamp
Interior Logo Stamp
Serial No. (Or Like)
Exterior Material
Interior Material
Hardware Material
Hardware Magnets
Pattern Formation
Zipper Heads
Font (Style, Size, Depth)

Of course, the checklist alone won't spot a fake but the checklist and the expertise of Cassandra can spot a fake miles away. All the bags are guaranteed authentic and to that matter Cassandra stands by all the bags she sells and offers 100% money back guarantee of the original price and the return shipping cost.

And lastly, a note on the legal issue in Canada. It is legal, in Canada to be in possession of counterfeit products if you have no intent to distribute. When people purchase counterfeits, not just handbags, they are feeding money away from brands that spend good money to produce the real product. Counterfeiters are only in it for money and that is what drives all their decisions. So beware and be prudent.