July 21, 2017

Look Awake and Create Bigger Eyes by Curling Eyelashes: Tweezerman the Curl Connoisseur

Released: May 31, 2011

How to get eyes to look bigger and awake
You wake up in the morning and your eyes look a little droopy. Could be the late night outing, studying or plain lack of sleep. A quick and easy way to make your eyes look bigger and awake is to curl your eyelashes. For those of you born with naturally curly eyelashes we are envious for the rest of the world read on.

The battle of the eyelash curlers rages on. There are heated curlers, single/individual curlers or traditional curlers. Really, it all comes down to what works on your eyelashes. Not what you want to hear, but some of us have unruly, thick hard to curl lashes while others have thin and easily curled lashes and because of this it make finding the right eyelash curler sometimes a challenge.

Our one key tip in finding the perfect eyelash curler is to make Tweezerman Classic Eyelash Curlersure the rubber pad is silicone and wide. This allows for curl versus the creased eyelash look.

Tweezerman's Classic Eyelash Curler has a patented no-pinch design, which when you don't have many eyelashes you want to keep them all. We put it to the test and the silicone pad kept the curl longer even in with hard to curl eyelashes that we tested. Best of all is the price $12 Cdn.

And don't forget to finish with your favourite mascara.  Our tip, curl lashes then use a curl mascara for added oomph!