August 18, 2017


Skin Rescue Tips for the Holidays

by Jennifer Brodeur

Let's be honest, Christmas isn't even here and you are already exhausted. Going from one party to the next, trying to get all the extra work sorted out at the office, school plays and recitals for the kids?and on top of that shopping for presents.

Now in the middle of all that hustle and bustle your skin is beginning to feel that environmental stress and fatigue. Sadly, that can lead to lines, wrinkles, age spots, discoloration and DRYNESS.

So if your skin is looking sallow, dull and tired try this 8-step program just in time for your next party. It will give you a polished complexion, sultry eyes and beautiful brows! As my good friend Andrea said, 'We all want to look AH-MAZING'.

1. Cleanse and exfoliate. The most important step is this one; you have to start with a clean canvas. No matter what ensure that all traces of yesterday are washed off, and then lightly exfoliate your skin. This will help blood flow and oxygenate your skin. For a fresh clean look.

2. Moisturize ? so important to give you that dewy look. I recommend something lightweight. Dutifully apply a great eye gel or cream. Some help more then others for the dark circles around the eyes. That area also tends to get a little puffy.

3. Coverage (avoid dry patches) ? slowly layer on coverage. Use a cream or liquid mineral foundation and if needed a concealer for problem areas for example the dark circles around the eyes. Avoid adding too much powder if you are very dehydrated.

4. Brighten cheeks ? Add a little colour. You can finish the look off with Chanel Lumière Sculptée Highlighting powder. With a few dabs to the cheekbones, forehead and chin, the complexion dresses up in translucency and light.

5. Mist and pat with Esthederm Cellular Energizing Spray, it replicates the skin's water and can be used as a real "energy spray". It contains high levels of mineral salts and trace elements and boosts the effectiveness of all skin care products.

6. Brows ? They should never be ignored. They are the FRAME to your face. On a recent trip to New York I met Yasmine Djerraine, owner of Yasmine Djerraine Institut de beauté voted "Best of New York" six consecutive years in New York Magazine . We had a very long eyebrow conversation; Yasmine explained that when done correctly brows can actually give you a mini face-lift. As we age, so does the shape of our face, therefore we need to ensure our eyebrows match our face. For example the eyebrows you had at 20, may not be suitable for you at 50. Yasmine introduced me to the permanent eyebrow king Fabrice Condemi. His work is incredible so much so that I am trying to get him to come to Montréal.

I highly recommend brows to be done by a specialist especially for shaping. However when pressed for time, clean them up and softly fill them in. Do not try to substitute an eye shadow for a brow powder. Brow powders are designed to be matte and not move. Alternatively you can use a brow pencil, apply tiny feathering strokes to the brows. Do not add too much it will look unnatural.

7. Eyes ? you want to enhance your eyes. Don't over do it. Marianne Desmarais head aesthetician from Bella Clinique in Montr
éal recommends you prime the eyelids with concealer or foundation before you begin to shade. This will help even out skin tone, so you can get a truer colour from your shadow. It will also help to give your makeup durability. For a true Christmas look she likes to make the eyes 'pop' and sometimes adds a little gold or silver sparkle. Don't forget the mascara.

8. Lips ? Important to make sure your lips are hydrated. For daytime go for a soft natural look. If you're heading out to another party go for the RED. One of my personal favorites 'Luminous Lip Satin, rouge Allure by Chanel'.

Don't forget to breath this always works! Happy holidays.

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