July 21, 2017


5 Unexpected Places to Meet Eligible Men

by Kiki Mara

Ever go out one evening and find that you are surrounded by females.  If you are in a relationship then that wouldn't faze you but if you are say a single woman looking for a partner, being surrounded by females may not be your ideal situation. Add to that living in a big city, which means millions of people, which means you may not bump into that same fellow you met yesterday, ever. That doesn't mean you can't find love in the big city, you just have to be more strategic about it.

Gone are the days when our friends had house parties. If you are in the same boat, my calendar is full of baby showers, weddings and such.  Those friends have now moved on to the twilight zone so it’s time for you to move on as well.  Take charge of your own path and throw your own party.  Invite a few key friends, let them know they are welcome to bring other friends.  I threw a rooftop party this summer and invited 150 guests - not only did I expand my network of friends, I met some very nice, eligible bachelors.

Sportsbars, pubs – unbeknownst to most, successful eligible men are not exactly flocking to the latest hotspot.  Do the math, no practical man will spend $15 for a pint of beer.  Events like Annual Festivals of Beer are filled with fun loving easygoing guys just looking to get their beer on.
These groups are priceless  – they organically weed out undesirables as entry means a pledge of an annual philanthropic donation. These groups plan social activities, for their patrons, every month - think about it, you enjoy art or antiquities with fellow members that will include men.  You will be less likely to find married men here as it's just not something that they have time for.  Museum or Art Gallery social groups are like singles club without the negative conotation.

If you live in a condo building or work in a high rise building, you are in luck.  These places have one thing in common, a small enclosed area where you may be in the presence of a man or two. Practice makes perfect on this strategy – say hello to most people you come across so that when a handsome guy comes along, you are already acting like your normal, friendly self.  If you ride the subway to work – that might be an added bonus as it will be easy to figure out their schedule and happen to “bump” into them casually from time to time - listen, I'm not suggesting stalking but....

I cannot tell how many friends of mine met their ideal partners at these co-ed sport leagues.  It’s a great environment to be a part of as the atmosphere is relaxed and full of camaraderie.  Plus, you can easily determine if they are as athletic as they say they are.  No need to be fooled by those guys claiming they are athletes while they watch sports on the couch and eat Cheetos, not that there is anything wrong with that, once in a while.

Do not bother with:

Activity groups directed for single people – let's face it, no self respecting single person signs up for these things.

Online dating sites for people dead set on being in a relationship – anyone who has on their do to list “get into a relationship” needs some serious professional help.  Are you worried about being incomplete?  Or is singledom a disease you wish to shed yourself from.  How do you even know you want to be in a relationship if you have not met the person – is anyone going going to fill in the role as long as they tick all the right boxes?  I never understood this.  I would like to think I am single because I have not met the one person that will want to make me settle down and tone down my wild ways…just saying.

Matchmaking services that claim to find your Knight in shining armour for a small price, say… $2,000.  What?!  Think of it this way, if you can’t find a good, employed and legitimately single bachelor, how are they supposed to find them?  Or do they happen to just have them stashed in their pockets?  Trust me, they make all these promises to find you someone but once they have your cash, there is no incentive for them to really scour the streets for Mr. Dreamboat.

Dating and finding your partner in a big city takes some strategy and a happy go lucky attitue.

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