July 21, 2017


Consignment Store Shopping

by Editor

Is consignment store shopping for you? The number of higher end designer consignment stores that have opened their doors over the past few years says maybe we are more accepting of consignment shopping or maybe the economy has forced some to shed their belongings.  Whatever the case may be we were intrigued so we followed a seasoned consignment store shopper to gain a little understanding into this world - that is getting gently used designer pieces at a fraction of the price.

The first time out, we were overwhelmed and exhausted at having to pour over each item one at a time, and left with nothing, not because we did not find a Gucci dress for $150. Upon hearing of the our confidents latest score we thought we would give it another chance. This time with a clear mind and a full understanding of the process, we came home with what we feel is a score of 2012. Cavalli, Gabbana, Casadei, Topshop and Lamb was our bounty. What made this trip so successful? Here are our tips:

1. Don't expect to find anything ~ consignment store buyers don't have a  mandate requiring a full section of white shirts or black dresses, they bring in what their suppliers ( mainly women who are tired of their wardrobe ) bring to them
2. Don't go in needing to find a white shirt ~ go with a bigger picture in mind - that is, try and find a shirt for the office, not a white shirt with a 3/4 length sleeve and fitted

3. Go often ~ inventory at consignment stores changes quite regularly, there is one piece in one size only
4. Try things on ~ yes stores have change rooms and you can try things on and should

5. Don't take a posse with you ~ only bring one person with you, the more friends, the more opinions and more competition for the Gucci dress
6. Only go to reputable stores ~ see our list below of stores in Toronto

7. Inspect your item ~ most reputable and designer consignment stores only sell products that are in excellent condition and some have never been worn ( now that is a score )
8. Have patience ~ if at first you don't succeed, try, try again

9. Handbags ~ because this is one of the most counterfeited designer items you must pay extra attention to the crafting details, purchase from a reputable handbag consignment retailer and make certain there is a return policy
10. And above all have fun ~ if you find consignment store shopping stressful then it may not be for you

Where to find designer consignment in Toronto: Act Two, Extoggery Avenue Location, Fashionably Yours, L'Elegante, Remix Clothing, Revival Couture, Second Nature,  Second Time Around,  Value Village ( very hit & miss )

Photo Credit: Elements Photography

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