July 21, 2017


Prevent Premature Wrinkles: Everyday Actions That Cause Wrinkles

by Beauty Editor

Drinking from a straw to save your lipstick - don't. You may be unwittingly performing everyday activities that may lead to premature wrinkles. Preventing premature wrinkles and aging is something that is in our control - it really is.  Here are some everyday activities that lead to premature wrinkles:

1. Drinking From a Straw or a Bottle or Smoking
If you purse your lips continually it may lead to upper lip furrows ( the lines that run perpendicular to your upper lip ).  Lip furrows cause our lipstick to bleed. Drink any beverage from a glass. ( Smoking is unhealthy period ).

2. Sleeping on Your Face
Smooshing your face against a pillow night after night for 8 hours will only lead to premature wrinkles. Try sleeping on your back to avoid putting added pressure or smooshing on your face.

3. Running
If you are running 3 times a week and long distances you are more prone to loss of firmness in your cheeks. One dermatologist sees many runners that come in for injections for loss of firmness in the cheeks.

4. Furrowing Eyebrows
Furrowing your eyebrows constantly will lead to the "elevens" the two lines that run in between your eyebrows. 

5. Gomage
When you are using a gomage ensure that you are holding the skin properly to ensure that you are not tugging and pulling it.

6. Applying Kohl Eyeliner
When we apply a Kohl eyeliner we pull on the eye to ensure proper application.  Try using a gel or liquid liner to avoid tugging the fragile skin around the eye. 

7. Squinting
Squinting will cause wrinkles on the inner most area of the under-eye. Always wear the correct eye prescription and you wear a polarized sunglass lens as this reduces glare and reduces the need for squinting.

Repetitive actions are those that we perform continually day after day. You may not see premature wrinkles today or tomorrow having said that you will wrinkle more prominently in the areas where the repetitive actions where performed.

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Barb Thursday Mar 08, 2012 11:52 AM
yikes!...I've been only drinking with
straws so I don't exasperate my TN..
trigeminal neuralgia...wrinkles is the least
of my worries!!

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