August 18, 2017


At-Home Hair Colour Tips

by Editor

60% of us colour our hair at home. For some of us it is a cost issue, for other it's the time required to sit at a salon or it could be a little bit of both.  We are spilling our and a very famous colourist's secrets here - of course we can't name him, you understand.

We share our tips for achieving salon colour at home:

Choosing the Hair Colour Brand
There are two routes to go. The first is purchasing hair colour at a beauty supply store. Here you will find the same professional colours available to salons and a colourist to help you choose a colour that suits you.  The other option is to head to the drug store.  Here's our very famous colourist's secret colour choice -  P&G Perfect10. He shared this with us "it gives great colour with exceptional shine in 10 minutes". He also added "it is on par and even better than some salon brand colours".

Choosing the Hair Colour
When colouring your hair at home try and stay close to your natural hair colour.  This way you will get colour that looks natural. Experiment with warm and cool/ash tones for the perfect tone.

At home hair color tips

For damage prevention and depth of colour use Moroccanoil Treatment in the formula and on dry hair. Add 5 mL to dry hair and comb through the entire length of the hair, do not rinse out.  This will protect not only your hair but your scalp. Add another 3 to 5 mL to the colour mix for colour that glides onto the hair.

The Aftermath
Sometimes, hair colour can be messy. Wipe away any colour that lands on your face or skin immediately. You can also use Color Oops Wipes. Color Oops Wipes use reducing agents to shrink the colour molecules allowing stains to be wiped away.

Shampoos can be harsh for colour treated hair.  Those with sulfates can potential the hair of it's colour or make it brassy.  Ensure that you use a gentle shampoo, free from sulfates and one that is formulated specifically for colour treated hair. Giovanni Colorflage, protects from fading while maintaining vibrant colour; defends with silicones to see in the shine and protect against thermal damage; shield with antioxidant packed conditioners; restores rough porous strands for stronger hair.

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