July 21, 2017


What To Buy Now That Will Remain in Season for Spring: Part I ~ Colour

by Fashion Editor

One of the rites of passages that we have each season is purchasing a piece or two from the season's collection.  You, like most of us, have a budget and you want to ensure that what you buy now will not be out of fashion come Spring.  Most designers are now designing with 3 seasons in mind.

First in our 5 part series ~ Colour. 3 key colours are trending now and into spring are Cobalt Blue, Orange, and White. Slightly askew from the US patriotic Red, White and Blue, comes Orange, white and blue the go to colours now and for spring.

3.1 Phillip Lim ~ Fall/Winter 2011/12       Stella MaCartney ~ Spring/Summer 2012        

J. Crew ~ Fall/Winter 2011/12                              Vivienne Westwood Red Label ~ Spring/Summer 2012

Victoria Beckham ~ Fall/Winter 2011/12 Hermes ~ Spring/Summer 2012                  

Part I: Colour - viewing
Part II: Pants - view
Part III: Skirts & Dresses - view
Part IV: Jumpsuits - view
Part V: Pattern

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