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October 2, 2012

And the battle is on…a friendly battle between some of Canada's top beauty editors and bloggers. A battle not only to crown a winner, hopefully a diamond encrusted tiara but we digress, but to raise funds for an all too familiar cause breast cancer. This year Rethink approached several well known beauty industry women to support their cause in a fun and interactive way, to style one of Rethink's retail partners. Our challenge? AG Fast Food Hair Conditioner.

Rethink Battle Pink: AG Fast Food Hair Conditioner
Envisioning what smooth silky hair would be our thoughts went back to the days of Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren. Voluminous hair without a strand out of place, sleek and sexy. And so we thought, who better to style a muse's hair then Hair on the Avenue in Toronto. A look was created that epitomized our heroine and captured the fun aspect of Fast Food. The result a sky high atomic bun gorgeous enough to take a bite out of. "Buns are big this fall! Hair is trending towards smooth sleek looks and the atomic buns of this season are the statement look that captures it all with class. To achieve the sleek shine of the atomic bun you must first start with well hydrated hair." - Anthony Ingraldi, stylist, Hair on the Avenue
Rethink Battle Pink: AG Fast Food Hair Conditioner
To create a bun start with smooth sleek hair, in this case AG Fast Food Conditioner to reduce frizz and add moisture, pull the hair back in a ponytail, on top of the head or on the crown and wrap the hair around the base of the ponytail. That's the simple version. To create an atomic bun you will need "donuts" ( sadly not the donuts were are all craving right about now ). The donuts you will need look like donuts but are light weight material for this particular use. Slip the donut through the ponytail and use hair extensions affixed to your natural hair and then pulled through the middle of the donut hole ( where the Timbit would be ). Wrap the hair extension around the donut and affix all with bobby pins. Or schedule yourself an appointment and have the pros do it.
Rethink Battle Pink: AG Fast Food Hair Conditioner

Battle Pink is all about voting so get clicking and vote. Share with your friends as every vote receives a $1 donation by Penguin Canada. You can vote, until October 15, for us and all the Battle Pink contestants at:

VOTING IS COMPLETE: rethinkbreastcancer.com/get-involved/battle-pink/
And a big thank you to all those that donated their time to help Rethink Breast Cancer's Battle Pink:
Hair: Anthony Ingraldi at Hair on the Avenue hairontheavenue.ca
Makeup: Taylor Byers taylorbyersmakeup.com
Photography: Clifton Li cliftonliphoto.com
Model: Roxanna Dunlop at Sutherland Models sutherlandmodels.com
Clothing: Pavlyn Boutique pavlyn.com

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