July 21, 2017

Is There Sun Protection For The Scalp?
Is There Sun Protection For The Scalp?
Can I wear my fall clothing now?

If the 916 page September Vogue issue is enticing you to throw on your cashmere sweater and ankle booties put the brakes on it. Do we really want the cold to come that quickly or is it more of a want of new pieces? Oniomania ( the psychological disorder or compulsive shopping disorder ), aside, please wait until the fall to actually wear fall clothing.

1. You'll stick out - how many times have you walked down the street and come across someone wearing their Canadian Goose parka, meant for -30 degree weather, on +30 degree day.

2. Pre-Fall - if you must buy some fall clothing look for transitional pieces that designers produce called pre-fall collections. They are lighter in weight and are meant for cooler August evenings.

3. Winter will come soon enough - we don't need to rush fall and winter, they will come quicker than the summer lasted and then we'll be begging for summer to come back while we jet off to warmer locales.

4. It you must - if you are still yearning for a little fall hit the cosmetic aisles where all the fall shades are in store, Whether it's a new nail polish or new lipstick a little bit of new can satiate your need.

So enjoy the last month of summer as before you know it, we will all be raking leaves and dreaming of the long lazy days of summer.

When Can I Wear Fall ClothingWhen Can I Wear Fall Clothing


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