July 21, 2017

Is There Sun Protection For The Scalp?
Is There Sun Protection For The Scalp?
Is there sun protection for the scalp?

Have you ever had your scalp burn? Not only is it dangerous but it is unsightly when the scalp begins to peel. Scalps do burn. While our hair offers us some protection from the sun our scalp can burn when overexposed to the sun.  If you have very thick hair, you may not experience this but if you have a thin amount of hair, your scalp is left unprotected.  

While wearing a hat is not only beneficial for your scalp, it also provides protection for your face as well.  Another alternative for scalp protection is the new Redken Color Extend Sun Take Cover SPF 25. It's a mousse that imparts an SPF level 25 onto the scalp while nourishing the ends with mango oil to prevent loss of moisture while out in the sun.

Is There Sun Protection For The Scalp?

And lastly, take care of your hair when it has been exposed to the sun for a long period of time. The sun sucks moisture from our hair and makes it brittle and frizz prone. "Hair colour becomes lighter when exposed to the sun and texture becomes dry. To keep hair looking and feeling its best when exposed to the sun, I strongly recommend frequent cuts. To preserve the hair’s vitality in the drying months, you can also try customized hair treatments, professional hair care products and/or a colour enhancer service with one of our highly trained Colour Technicians" - Nhi Tran, Creative Director, Sassoon Salon.

Remember, treat the scalp as any other part of the skin when outdoors and exposed to the sun!

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