July 21, 2017

April 11, 2012

This summer Clarins takes a trip to India for its newest makeup collection. Inspired by the Holi festival, a Hindu festival during which devotees throw powders and paint into the air in celebration, Clarins introduces highly pigmented and vibrant colours for its new Enchanted makeup collection.

Clarins Enchanted Summer 2012 Makeup Collection
The highlights of the Clarins Enchanted Makeup collection:

Colour Quartet with eye liner - comprised of four eye shadows and one eyeliner this quartet brings bold violet and gold together with a hint of bronze and a lighter shade of champagne as a highlighter. Use dry or wet for a more intense colour on the eye. Limited edition.

Kohl Kajal - born from the rich and intense India kohl eyeliners, Clarins' version comes in black and violet. Only for those that are not afraid of an intense, bold eye. Use on the top and bottom inner eye for a very smoky eye
Wonder Waterproof Mascara - a rich minty teal colour for vibrant lashes. It lengthens, adds volume and curls. Wear with the quartet above for an alluring eye.
Colour Quench Lip Balm - in two new shades pink Jaipur and nude Delhi. Mango oil helps to soothe and protect. Wear lip gloss during the day for a softer look to your makeup.
Clarins Enchanted Summer 2012 Makeup Collection

Clarins Enchanted makeup collection is available May 2012 at beauty counters and some pieces are only at department stores only.

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