July 21, 2017


Help, I Have a Blind Date!


Don't go into a blind date blind!

So you have a blind date. The key to success is being yourself and not trying too hard. To reduce some potential awkwardness, consider these pointers before your big date ladies.

Leave the 6" Stiletto's At Home
Because it is a BLIND date, leave the ultra high stilettos in the closet.  Opt for a 3" or kitten heel for the first time. If the date goes well and his height surpasses yours then break those Louboutins out on date #2.

Help I Have a Blind Date

Light on the Heavy Makeup
Easy on the makeup, keep it simple and natural. It might not be a bad idea to wear your day look at night in this situation. Read Taylor Byers article on how to use Foundation to Enhance the Skin Not Cover It Up.

Make Sure Your Hair Moves
In the same vein as going with simple makeup, keep the hair simple too, no crazy prom date up-do’s. And if you were planning on getting a new look, may we suggest waiting to do so after your date, there is nothing like having a potentially bad hair day on a date. Leave the plastic hair behind with Joico KPak Protective Classic with medium-hold with flexibility body, volume and control.

Keep the Girls Covered
Leave everything to the imagination, keep the “girls” modest and skip the any skirt to the knee.  We are not suggesting you dress up like a nun just be a demure lady.

Now that your equipped with our blind date tips, we say, enjoy the experience, go in with an open mind; love works in mysterious ways so you never know where it may find you.


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