July 21, 2017

December 28, 2011

If you have not heard of beauty balms yet you will soon enough.  The idea behind a BB cream is that it is an all in one beauty product.  In 1950 Dr. Christine Schrammek created an ointment for her patients that were recovering after undergoing a peel treatment - the ointment was to reduce redness and create a barrier so skin could heal. They became very popular in Asia, where they are currently one of the top beauty products on the market and are now known as blemish balms or the now hybrid beauty balm. BB creams have just started infiltrating the North American market and Smashbox has just launched their BB cream - Camera Ready 5-in-1 Beauty Balm SPF 35 into Sephora.

One of the reasons BB creams are so well loved is that 1 product can take the place of up to 5 different products - think of all the money you can save making your vanity and purse a little lighter. Smashbox BB cream saves you 5 steps with Camera Ready 5-in-1 BB cream. It moisturizes, primes, evens out skin tone, protects against UVA/UVB and controls oil.  And it provides coverage in 4 shades. 

Smashbox Camera Ready 5 in 1 BB cream

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 exclusively available at Sephora.
Price: $50


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