July 21, 2017

August 27, 2012

"Lifestyle threatening" Dr. Jiwa says.  Something a girl does not want to hear. Life threatening is quite understandable but lifestyle now that is something that is totally in our control - good and bad. Ever on the hunt for better skin, more energy and overall health, we were quite intrigued with the Hemocode test. A test that discovers food intolerances - lifestyle versus life threatening.

Food intolerances are different than food allergies.  Intolerances are delayed responses to the food we eat, even healthy foods.  Eating foods that you are intolerant to can cause eczema, psoriasis, inflammation, migraines, joint arthritis and can even contribute to obesity. Inflammation disturbs the immune function of the body and can translate in some, into eczema and psoriasis.  When white blood cells are set into action they cause inflammation and that can cause many reactions to our bodies. ""We had one patient where we isolated pork as a contributor to her migraines. When she was able to re-introduce pork she tried eating a variety of types and funny enough she was able to tolerate bacon but nothing else. It was life altering to her."  Dr. Mubina Jiwa, BSc., ND, Director - Essence of Health, Assistant Professor - Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Hemocode is not about dieting per se, it's about identify and removing foods that cause our bodies inflammation. "While fighting inflammation our bodies can't focus on other important processes. Our body tries to manage the inflammation and other concerns like aches and pains aren't dealt with efficiently." Dr. Jiwa

It's a simple test, taken either at your naturopath or at Rexall/Pharma Plus.  A few drops of blood are all you need to find out what you are intolerant to. 250 foods are tested with more being added each and every day. Our results indicated that we were intolerant to tomatoes, grapes, every lettuce known to mankind, pork, beef, refined sugar, coca bean and coffee.

After warning everyone around me of my upcoming dietary changes - cold turkey and apologizing upfront of an b6t%!#ness, I set on the path of clearing my system of any and all food that I was intolerant to.  Armed with my credit card sized cheat sheet ( a list of food I was intolerant to) I was prepared for a few bumpy days. Going cold turkey is not for the faint of heart. But much to my surprise outside of a mild headache the first day no b6t%!#ness in sight.
As an aside, everyone had the same question for me "Is something wrong with you that you are taking this test?". Which in itself is an odd view on our lifestyles, that we shouldn't make changes unless something is wrong. But I digress.
And it's personal, it's not someone telling you to remove the usual suspects, it's about removing what is causing your own body inflammation. You receive a personal care package with recipes and suggestions for vitamins that you may lack as you take out certain foods out of your diet. And most importantly, you have a direct access to a naturopath, which is invaluable for asking questions.
And for us? 4 months later and now it's about making choices for what's right for our inside and ultimately outside.


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